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Getting started
Except for your own photos, you will need two plain coloured papers, called "cardstock".  You will need two as you would normally create a spread (two pages facing each other) at a time with the same theme.  You will also need patterned or a few single coloured papers to cut out and decorate the pages with, for example to frame your photos.

When you decorate your page the only limit is your imagination! You can buy ready-made decoration such as stickers and eyelets or you can use things you find at home such as buttons and ribbons.  You will also need glue or self-adhesives to attach your photos and decorations to the page.  If you want to write your text you will need a pen; a black one is good to start with.  Remember everything you use on your page have to be acid free! Many prefer to keep their pages in plastic sleeves.

You will also need some tools.  A good pair of scissors, a guillotine (a good investment as you will use this regulary) and patterned scissors are the basic tools you canít be without.  A cutting mat you could also use to protect your table, will be useful.

There are a range of different tools you can invest in gradually such as punches, decorative rulers, shablons, corrugated paper presses and so on.