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Designing: step-by-step
  1. Choose a theme for your page and pick the photos you want to use.  Letís say you want to create a page about your daughters third birthday.  Usually you would have quite a few photos from that day that you like.  To avoid going over the top, it is important that you cut down and select only the very best ones and photos that would work well together.  Do the colours match? If there are a couple of photos that are pretty much the same, maybe just pick one of them (or by using several similar photos you could create a very striking page).  Personally I reckon using 5-6 photos on a spread is enough, or it could look too busy.

  2. You have now picked 5 photos.  Have a close look at them; what do you want to bring to the focus and what do you want to get rid of (people that really shouldnít have been in the shot, dust on the lens...)? On one of the photos, you can only see half of grandma and on another photo thereís a not so nice looking lampshade in a horrible colour in the background.  You will now have to crop your photos.  By using your guillotine, scissors and shablons, you will get rid of unwanted objects in the photos and the focus is now the daughter and the birthday cake.  Another suggestion in case you donít want to cut your photos, is to put a decoration over the object you want to hide.

  3. Take another look at your photos.  What are the colours in the photos? What do you want to highlight? The daughters yellow dress could be matched to a nice yellow paper that brings out the colour in the dress even more.  Experiment with colours and shades.  A tip is to use a dark paper to bring out a photo with a light background.

  4. Put your chosen photos in front of you.  Experiment with the placement of the photos.  At the top, bottom, left or right.  Try to create a balance on the spread.  You can use decorations for this, but try to get it as nice as possible without using any decorations to start with.

  5. To frame at least one of the photos is almost a must.  You will use a plain paper (different colour from the background or the frame wonít be visible) or a patterned one.  Cut the paper to fit the photo.

  6. Now you will have to think about where to place decorations and header/text.  Arrange and move around the photos/decorations/text on the page and try different lay-outs.  If you lack imagination, you can find templates in magazines and books for inspiration.  Once you are happy, glue everything to your page.  You have completed your first page!